Friday, July 31, 2009

Sierra Nevada Kellerweis

Beer: Kellerweis

Brewer: Sierra Nevada

Style: Hefeweizen

Tasting notes: (0907) 3 bottles from a 6-pack. Interesting, easy drinking and complex but somehow misses my mark. Fruity, lemony, sweet apples, banana, breath of clove, and spicy. Could pass for a triple or belgian-style blond ale. A tiche heavy and sweet for a hefeweizen. May rate 2 glasses.

Comment: The brewer has recently added Kellerweis to its year-round lineup.

Rating: 3 glasses

Starr Hill Northern Lights

Beer: Northern Lights

Brewer: Starr Hill

Style: IPA

Tasting notes: (0907) On draft @ Joe's Inn. OK. May rate 3 glasses. My memory is fuzzy.

Comment: May not have been fresh. The brewer's web page says that the beer is sold Jan-April.

Rating: 2 glasses

Sunday, July 12, 2009

"Finest Kind" IPA

Beer: "Finest Kind" IPA

Brewer: Smuttynose

Style: IPA

Tasting notes: (1003) Beautiful lacing. (0907) 2 from a six best by 0911. Wonderful. A perfect blend and amount of hops. Nice bite but not overpowering, some flowers, some citrus, and some pine, especially at the finish. (0809): 1st of a 6 pack. Lots of piney hops.It has "flava". (0807) Continues to impress. (0802) Last of the 6. It continues to hit the spot. Dry, hoppy, w/ the perfect bite. (0801) Upgraded from 6.glasses. (0801) Just enough hops. Flavorful AND easy to drink. Goes great w/ a wide variety of food. What more would you want? (0801) Not as much hop bite as I remembered but still very nice. (0708) 1st 2/6. Still my fav IPA. Nice mix of floral, bitter, and piney hops. Loooong bitter finish. (0609) Pineier than I remembered but still GREAT. Nice bite: a little rough, but not harsh. (0604) 8 oz. in South Winds, on tap. Confirmed this as my favorite IPA. Lots of hops but not harsh. (????) Do you like hops?

Comments: "Finest Kind" has become and remains my favorite IPA and one of my favorite beers. Click here for an earlier description.

Top 100: 29 December 2005. (Not on10 March 2007, 8 February 2009 or 12 July 2009.)

Rating: 7 glasses

Stone 13th Anniversary

Beer: 13th Anniversary

Brewer: Stone

Style: Strong Ale

Tasting notes: (0907) A well-made hop-delivery vehicle. Hops is the entrée, not a spice. Lots of flowers and deep orange and pine.

Comments: This is a darker malt version of a double IPA.

Rating: 4 glasses

Westmalle Tripel

Beer: Tripel

Brewer: Westmalle

Style: Tripel

Tasting notes: (0907) Not what I remembered. Spicy, phenolic, and lemon zest. Apple emerged as beer warmed. Downgraded from 6 glasses. (0712) A 1 wk old review and I have forgotten some details. My favorite triple to date. White raisins, a touch of banana, w/ spices and light hops. As it warms pear (and apple?) flavors emerge. Ed wants more.

Comments: This brewery is one of only only seven that may carry the name “Trappist". Also, the monastery's web page states that the .75l bottle matures differently than the .33l. My first bottle was .75l. The second was .33l. I need to investigate further.

Top 100: 29 December 2005 (not 10 March 2007 or 12 July 2009).

Rating: 5 glasses

Prior 8

Beer: Prior 8

Brewer: St. Bernardus

Style: Dubbel

Tasting notes: (0907) Wonderful: root beer, complex, quaffable, nice deep bite at end. A great beer. Went gr8 w/ flank steak. May rate 7 glasses.

Top 100: 29 December 2005 (not 10 March 2007 or 12 July 2009).

Rating: 6 glasses


Beer: Vitus

Brewer: Weihenstephaner

Style: Weizenbock

Tasting notes: (0906) A bottle @ Mekong. Thicker, sweeter version of a hefe, with a touch of cloves and banana. Downgraded from 5 glasses. Previous review.

Rating: 4 glasses

Friday, July 10, 2009

Oerbier Reserva

Beer: Oerbier Reserva

Brewer: de Dolle

Style: Flanders Bruin

Tasting notes: (0906) Apple, brown sugar, vinegar, tart, oak, a tiche of smoke, lingering mix of tart and mild hop bite.

Comment: It was a gift from KT from 2005. May rate 7 glasses with a second bottle.

Rating: 6 glasses

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hoegaarden Original White Ale

Beer: Original White Ale

Brewer: Hoegaarden

Style: Witbier

Tasting notes: (1008) Another glass @ Joe's. Upgraded from 4 glasses. (1008) A light summer delight. Thought about 5 glasses. (1007) On draft @ Joe's Ins. Light and refreshing w/ a little fruitiness, a little clove, and a little coriander. Upgraded from 3 glasses. (0907) A 6-pack from Chincoteague. Nice but no clove. Downgraded from 4 glasses.
Previous review.

Comment: Previous ratings were 3, 4, 3, and 4.

Rating: 4 glasses

Green Flash Imperial IPA

Beer: Imperial IPA

Brewer: Green Flash

Style: Double IPA

Tasting notes: (0906) Nice dose of hops with malt to balance. (0701) Hops like grapefruit rind. One bottle lasted 4 hours.

Rating: 4 glasses


Beer: Orval

Brewer: Orval

Style: Belgian Pale Ale

Tasting notes: (0907) A bottle bottled 9 mns. ago. Complex and refreshing w/ a touch of Brett. Sippable and gulbable. May rate 7 glasses. (0704) A bottle in France and a bottle @ Edo Squid. Interesting, refreshing, and complex. Downgraded from 7 glasses. (0703) A combination of Belgian Pale Ale, IPA, and gueze. First taste was fruity, hoppy, and funky. Peppery bite at end increased as beer warmed.

Comments: This brewery is one of only only seven that may carry the name “Trappist”.

Rating: 6 glasses