Friday, April 2, 2010

1882 Black Label Gueuze

Brewer: Girardin

Style: Gueuze

Tasting notes: (1308) A recent bottle led to a downgrade from 7 glasses. It is really good but not as tart as I wanted or remembered. (1002) A bottle purchased 4 mn ago. See previous review. Cantillon may be better??

Top 100: 10 March 2007 and 8 February 2009. (Not on 29 December 2005.)

Rating: 6 glasses.

Elwood Thompson Fresh Farmhouse Ale

Brewer: Blue and Gray

Style: Saison

Tasting notes: (1003) An odd collection of fruit, funk and sour flavors. OK w/ food.

Rating: 2 glasses.

Noble Pils

Brewer: Samuel Adams

Style: Pilsner

Tasting notes: (1003) Pleasant. I wanted more hops.

Rating: 3 glasses.

Jefferson's Reserve Bourbon Barrel Stout

Brewer: Bluegrass

Style: Imperial Stout

Tasting notes: (1008) On draft @ Joe's Inn. Too much bourbon and vanilla. Overbearing. Downgraded from 4 glasses and then from 3 a few days later. (1003) On draft @ Joe's Inn. Ditto. (0608) A pint at CAH. A good stout with vanilla with a touch of bourbon. The bourbon grows as the beer warms. Very (too?) smooth, not a sipper and the alcohol was totally hidden. I wanted more bite and body.

Rating: 2 glasses.


Brewer: Lagunitas

Style: IPA

Tasting notes: (1003) Cask ale @ Mekong. Crisp, clean, and hoppy. Rates at least a 5. Let's split the difference and go 3 to 4. (0805) Downgraded to 3. (0709) A bottle @ Mekong. Sweet malt, spicy hops. Pleasant and good w food.

Rating: 4 glasses.

Brown Sugga' (cask)

Brewer: Lagunitas

Style: Strong Ale

Tasting notes: (1003) Cask @ Mekong. Very nice, muted, balanced, and complex.

Rating: 5 glasses.

Cappuccino Stout

Brewer: Lagunitas

Style: Stout

Tasting notes: (1003) Cask ale @ Mekong. Very nice stout, with nice dose of coffee. Rates at least 5. Let's split the difference and go 3 to 4. (0810) A bottle in Harrisonburg. Coffee! A little one dimensional and a tiche thin.

Rating: 4 glasses.