Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Koningshoeven Tripel

Beer: Tripel

Brewer: Koningshoeven

Style: Tripel

Tasting notes: (0906) Apple juice syrup w/ some spices. Missed my mark.

Comments: This brewery is called La Trappe outside of the US and Canada. It is one of only only seven that may carry the name “Trappist”. The other six are: Achel, Chimay, Orval, Rochefort, Westvleteren, and Westmalle. La Trappe is the only one in Netherlands. The other six are in Belgium.

Rating: 3 glasses

Ommegang Abbey Ale

Beer: Abbey Ale

Brewer: Ommegang

Style: Dubbel

Tasting notes: (0906) A bottle from 0809. Ditto and delicious. (0906) Bottle @ Belga Cafe. Complex. Flashes of wheat, chocolate, burgundy, sour and funk. Great w/ venison. (0805) Split 750 w/ Oleg. Delightful, complex taste. A flash of brown sugar followed by a dry, sour bite with hints of funk and Burgundy wine. Upgraded from 4 glasses. (0610): 12 oz. at Avalon. Complex taste. Cinnamon? Burgundy wine? Well crafted but I tired of it at end. (I was being rushed.) (????) Had one bottle long before writing this review. My memory my be off but my recollection is that I thought it was quite tasty. However, I was not inspired to buy another. Perhaps Hennepin eclipsed it.

Comments: (0802): BeerAdvocate changed style from Belgian Strong Dark Ale. I think that dubbel is correct.

Rating: 6 glasses

Monday, June 15, 2009

Full Nelson

Beer: Full Nelson

Brewer: Blue Mountain

Style: Pale Ale

Tasting notes: (1012) On draft @ Joe's Inn. A wonderful pale ale, Crisp hops w/ nice malt balance. Better than SNPA. Upgraded from 3 glasses to 5! (0905) On draft @ brewery. Made w/ hops grown @ the brewery. A nice pale ale. May rate 4 glasses.

Comment: The brewery is located in or near Nelson County in VA.

Previous rating: 3 glasses

Rating: 5 glasses


Beer: Millenium

Brewer: Old Dominion

Style: English Barleywine

Tasting notes: (0906) A 2-year-old bottle. What was I drinking last time. This bottle was pollen, honey, malt, and English bittering hops. Was thinking about 6 glasses. Previous review.

Comments: Millennium was (and may still be) a spring seasonal release that used VA honey. AB acquired 49-51% of the firm 2 years ago and may have altered the release schedule, beer menu, or recipes. The production has moved from Ashburn, VA to Dover, Delaware.

Rating: 5 glasses

Rockfish Wheat

Beer: Rockfish Wheat

Brewer: Blue Mountain

Style: Kristalweizen

Tasting notes: (0905) On draft @ the brewery. An excellent representative of the style - banana and clove are present without being overpowering. May rate 4 glasses but gets a boost for being so true to style.

Comment: I drank this beer as part of a visit to the brewery. Jose and I stayed in Waynesboro on a bike trip. Rockfish is what Virginia's call Striped Bass. They are prized catch in the Chesapeake Bay. The brewer left a little yeast in the brew, giving the beer a slight haze, unlike traditional kristalweizen that is clear. I think that the brewery brews the best beer in VA.

Rating: 5 glasses

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Original White Ale

Beer: Original White Ale

Brewer: Hoegaarden

Style: Witbier

Tasting notes: (0906) On draft @ Belga Café. More clove than I remembered. (0905) On Draft @ Mellow Mushroom in C-ville. Ditto and better than I remembered. Upgraded from 3 glasses. (0602) Subdued, light, citrousy and refreshing with a touch of coriander

Rating: 4 glasses


Beer: Gordon

Brewer: Oskar Blues

Style: Double IPA

Tasting notes: (0905) On draft @ Mellow Mushrrom in C-ville. A big and nicely balanced beer. May rate 4 glasses. (0805) Shared w/ Louis Anderson @ L. Dail's wedding. Load of hops w/ malt to match. Another example of a well-crafted DIPA that somehow does not hit my spot. May rate a 4.

Rating: 3 glasses


Beer: Oberon

Brewer: Bells

Style: American Pale Wheat Ale

Tasting notes: (1008) On draft @ Joe's Inn. The classic American Pale Wheat Ale. (1005) On draft @ Cancan. Heavier w/ a tiche of sourness. Seemed stale. Downgraded from 5 glasses. (1003) On draft @ Mekong. Fantastic - light and spicy w/ a touch of lemon. Upgraded from 4 glasses and thought about 6 glasses. (0905) On draft @ Mellow Mushroom in C-ville. Easy drinking and wheaty. (0806) Shared minikeg @ Davis's. Wheaty w/ a touch of lemon. Easy drinking. Summerfest may be better. (0705) Light and refreshing yet flavorful. Beats any pilsner.

Comment: Oberon is Bells summer seasonal. Jose tells me that its release is greatly anticipated by UM students.

Rating: 4 glasses

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Snake Dog IPA

Beer: Snake Dog IPA

Brewer: Flying Dog

Style: IPA

Tasting notes: (0905) A pleasant IPA w/ a nice hop bite. May rate 4 glasses but too many other IPAs are better.

Rating: 3 glasses


Beer: Hennepin

Brewer: Ommegang

Style: Saison

Tasting notes: (1308) Downgraded from 7 glasses. The beer is wonderful but lacks the little extra that makes a 7.(1103) A 12 oz. bottle. Wonderful. Upgraded from 6 glasses. (1011) Another fine bottle. Upgraded from 5 glasses. (1008) A bottle @ Jose's. A pure pleasure. No hint of orange rind that I remembered from earlier bottles. Thought about an upgrade to 6 glasses. (0905) On draft @ Mellow Mushroom in C-ville. Wonderful. Previous review.

Previous ratings: 5, 7, 6, 5, 6, 7

Rating: 6 glasses

Baltic Thunder

Beer: Baltic Thunder

Brewer: Victory

Style: Baltic Porter

Tasting notes: (0905) Toffee malt with sour prunes. Previous review.

Rating: 5 glasses

Ara Bier

Beer: Ara Bier

Brewer: de Dolle

Style: Belgian Strong Pale Ale

Tasting notes: (0905) A bottle @ Mekong. I thought is was a triple. Dry, spicy, and grapefruit rind bitterness.

Rating: 5 glasses

St. George IPA

Beer: IPA

Brewer: St. George

Style: IPA

Tasting notes: (0905) A pint @ Beach Deli after a bike ride. Nice English style hoppiness. (0708) A glass @ Crab Shack. ENGLISH. A pale ale with a tiche more hops. Less bite than an American Pale Ale. Pleasant.

Comment: St. George is located in Hampton, VA. The beers tend resemble European versions of styles.

Rating: 4 glasses

Jumo Lager

Beer: Jumo Lager

Brewer: Starr Hill

Style: Vienna Lager

Tasting notes: (0905) 2 bottles @ ML's. Malty and pleasant. Upgraded from 2. (0806) A pint @ Davis and Main. Ok. A red lager w/ some sweetness. May rate a 3.

Rating: 3 glasses

In Heat Wheat

Beer: In Heat Wheat

Brewer: Flying Dog

Style: Hefeweizen

Tasting notes: (0905) A bottle @ ML's. Good attempt @ a German-style Hefe from an American brewer - bananas and cloves.

Rating: 4 glasses