Friday, March 5, 2010


Brewer: Trappistes Rochefort

Style: Quadruple

Tasting notes: (1002) A 1 mn 4 mn old bottle. Complex and quaffable. Luxuriant mouthfeel. Wonderfully balanced.

Top 100: 29 December 2005, 10 March 2007, and 5 March 2009.
Rating: 7 glasses.

Old Viscosity

Brewer: Port

Style: Strong Ale

Tasting notes: (1003) A bottle purchased 1 yr and 11 mn ago. Baltic Porter and muted Arrogant Bastard. Downgraded from 5 glasses. (0806) A bottle purchased 2 mn ago. A mixture of Baltic Porter and Arrogant Bastard. Lots of coffee, especially when cold, w/ a hoppy finish. Better when cold - was thinking about 6 glasses. A sipper as it warms. A charcoal bite emerges as it warms. Alcohol blast throughout. Bourbon is present but subdued.

Rating: 4 glasses.


Brewer: Pilsner

Style: Pilsner

Tasting notes: (1002) A bottle @ Avalon. Wet and cold.

Rating: 2 glasses, downgraded from 3. Click here for previous review.


Brewer: Founders

Style: Porter

Tasting notes: (1002) A bottle @ Avalon. Stoutlike: dark and rich.

Rating: 5 glasses

Siberian Night

Brewer: Thirsty Dog

Style: Imperial Stout

Tasting notes: (1003) A 1 yr. 11. mn old bottle. Bittersweet chocolate w/ a hint of soy. May be better fresh. (1002) A 1 yr 10 mn old bottle. A disappointment. A tiche of soy, some sour, some bitter chocolate. Downgraded from 7 glasses. This serving would rate at most 4 glasses but I dropped the rating to 5 based on previous tastings. Click here for previous review.

Top 100: 29 December 2005 and 10 March 2007. (Not 10 April 2009.)

Rating: 5 glasses

Prima Pils

Brewer: Victory

Style: Pilsner

Tasting notes: (1104) Upgraded from 4 glasses. Maybe I am becoming a lager fan again. (1103) 1st of a 6er. Nice, crisp, hoppy refreshment. May rate 5 glasses. (1002) On draft @ Joe's Inn. Nice hoppy pils. Went great w/ sailor sandwich. The serving merits 5 glasses but I left the overall rating unchanged. Fresh is good. Click here for previous review.

Previous ratings: 4, 3, 4 glasses

Rating: 4 glasses

Hottenroth Berliner Weisse

Brewer: Bruery

Style: Berliner Weissbier

Tasting notes: (1001) Lemon-lime tartness and refreshment.

Rating: 3 glasses